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About The Brand

It all started back in 2018. One of my best friend was getting married, and his fiancé at the time REALLY wanted a butchers block counter top across their front-load washer and dryer. They had looked at pricing a slab that size and quickly realized it was impractical. 

Enter The Board Guy... well not yet... this story dates back to pre-The Board Guy days. 

Me being me, I started doing research on the butchers block technique figuring I could definitely make one myself for much cheaper than the professionals were charging. After several afternoons on the internet watching how-to videos and pricing out assortments of woods and tools, I made a trip to Harbor Freight to buy some clamps. Little did I know these would be the first tools I purchased on the road to becoming The Board Guy.

A trip to the local lumber yard for some hardwoods and glue and I had everything I needed to make this counter top. I can't remember the exact dimensions, but it was roughly 30 inches deep, 72 inches long and 1-1/2 inches thick. As you can imagine, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. 

I probably spent a total of 12 hours behind my random orbital sander trying to smooth the misalignments that I had created by gluing the strips together on an uneven surface. I went through an entire 50 pack of 60-grit pads before JUST ONE SIDE of the slab was acceptably smooth.

While my friend's fiancé was away for the weekend, I brought the slab over to their house, and me and my friend installed it. I wasn't there to see the look on her face, but I was told there were tears involved. That is the moment I realized I had found a passion.

I don't do much counter top work these days, but I apply the same principals to producing my products. Perfect seams, lots of glue, clamps, clamps, clamps and more clamps, and A LOT of sanding and you can make yourself a beautiful product. Fortunately, I have been able to invest in much higher quality tools than the ones I had at the time, and picked up some valuable techniques along the way.

The same girl who I originally made the counter top for also coined the name "The Board Guy". With the help of a bunch of good friends, and the severe boredom of a global pandemic. The Board Guy has evolved into what it is today.