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Custom Engraving

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Custom engraving available on all purchased products. Also available on existing items brought to the store.

Size selection is based on the largest dimension of your desired engraving. If you would like an engraving that is 6 inches wide and 2 inches tall, please select the "Large (6 inch)" option. If you would like an engraving that is 4 inches wide and 8 inches tall, please selected the "X-large (8 inch)" option. 

If you require something very unique engraved onto one of my products, like a handwritten message, an old recipe, or a photograph, please contact me prior to placing your order. There may be an editing upcharge depending on the intricacy and the quality of what you have,

Virtually anything can be engraved onto one of my products. Text, logos, handwritten messages, you name it! Please do your best to describe the engraving you would like, including size, location, content, font, etc. and I will contact you directly to solidify a plan. If you have an image you would like engraved, email me a screenshot or snipping tool image and I can take it from there!

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